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  • What's new for 2023?

    While reflecting on 2022 we appreciate our clients for having us be apart of their events or sharing.  We look forward to being apart of 2023 event...
  • An ending and a new beginning

    As the year soon ends we reflect on 2022 and it was a great one. We thank all of our clients for supporting us and having us be a small part of the...
  • It's Time to Pre-Order

    The wait is over. Pre-Order is open and ready for everyone. Order early to make sure you get all you need for your holiday.
  • Coming Soon

    Sweet Christmas ideas coming.
  • New Sweet Treats Alert

    Brownie and Cake Truffles are decadent and fun.
  • Gearing up for the holidays

    Order early for any of your holiday table desserts.
  • New Website Design

    We revamped our website. We have moved to a new shopping site instead of just information. We will be adding some information.
  • Time for holiday pre-orders

    Holiday Pre-orders are now available.
  • DIY Gelato Sammie Party Box

    DIY Gelato Sammie Party Box. Fun for any occasion or age.
  • ShipMeSweets

    Time to send a Gift of Dessert