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Our cheesecakes are so rich and creamy. We offer a variety of delicious flavors.

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Brownie Truffles

These brownie truffles are so fudgy and decadent. Each truffle contains fudge like brownie, caramel and pecans. We put them on a pick and boxed them up for a fun treat or box make a great gift.

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Dippies are a fun treat anytime. We use our signature sugar cookie, cut out fun shapes and then add a few of our signature buttercreams on the side for dipping.

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Turtle Bark

Our turtle bark makes a great snack. Made with milk chocolate, pretzels and pecans.

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

Large gourmet chocolate chip cookies are loaded with chocolate chips.

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Peanut Butter Cookies

Our Peanut Butter Cookies are made with crunchy peanut butter to give them extra peanut butter flavor.

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Peanut Brittle

We have been making our handed down family recipe of peanut brittle for over 30 years. It is so thick, crunchy and filled with lots o peanuts. Great snack anytime.

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Cocoa Bombs

Fun delicious treat anytime. Comes with large mouth coffee cup. All you need is some hot milk to enjoy. Make great gifts.

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Gift Boxes

We have gift boxes that make gift giving your fun. Everyone loves getting gifts and when they open and see our sweet treats their eyes will light up.

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Our Favorites


Oh so fudgy brownies. Our brownies are rich and explode with pecans, caramel and milk chocolate. They make great gifts for everyone.

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Cocoa Bombs in a Mug

Our cocoa bombs make a delicious gift for anyone. Comes in mug and ready to add your milk or water to for a gourmet treat.

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Gourmet Cookie Box of 6

Our gourmet cookies are so delicious. They are soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. Perfect anytime treat. Comes in a box that is perfect gift to send to someone.

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Gelato is an Italian ice cream that is rich and creamy

DIY Gelato and Cookie Party Box

You will be the star of the party when you show up with this fun DIY Gelato Box.

Build your own cookie sandwhich for a delicious treat.

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Gelato Milkshakes

Our gelato milkshakes are thick, creamy and delicious. You can add a variety of fillings as well for a delicious treat.

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We custom make all our gelato in house. It is rich and creamy. We offer a variety of flavor choices as well.

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Gift giving made easy. We ship all over the USA

Our sweet treats are perfect for

Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation, Quinceanera, Thank You, Thinking of You, I love You, Holidays, etc

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We all send special gifts for things like birthdays, anniversaries, get well, thank you and other occasions. Next time send them a decadent and delicious sweet.

It gives everyone a smile.

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caquettes for any occasion (gourmet cake in a jar)


Our hawaiian dream cake is rich, decadent and layered with our signature buttercream that is filled with pecans, pineapple and coconut flavoring. Delicious tropical paradise.

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Our Italian Cream cake is filled with coconut and pecans and layered with our signature cream cheese icing.

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Our red velvet cake is so rich, moist and decadent and layered with our signature cream cheese icing for a delicious treat.

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MarQuette's Cake Studio is an upscale studio offering decadent sweets

Some of our Work


Fun Sculpted Cakes

Chic-fil-A Cake

All edible. Nuggets are fun cake pops, fries are sugar cookies, mac n cheese is cake topped with cheese flavored fondant, drinks are all cake, bag is cake and a special C cookie.

Toy Dump Truck

Dump Truck is all cake and covered in fondant. The sand in the back is dried cake crumbs.

Jordan Wine

Wine box, and wine bottle are all cake. The shredds are made using fondant. Everything is all edible. Were you able to tell the real bottle from the edible one?

Operation Game

Large 8'x4' real working operation game. Game is all cake, all the game pieces are made from fondant. Only place there is no cake is the holes for the game pieces. All wired so just like the game, if you touch a side the nose lights up and buzzes.

Black Ops Truck

This Black Ops Truck is fully sculpted and all edible.

Steampunk Stiletto and Bag

This fun all edible stiletto and bag are all cake and fondant details

The Titanic

Fully sculpted sinking Titanic cake. Icebergs are all cake, boats and people are all made using fondant.


Fully sculpted Camero cake. Car is small replica of clients husbands car. She had it made for him as a surprise birthday cake.

Rusty Old Truck

This truck started out as an image of a real truck setting in the weeds. It was transformed into an all edible fully sculpted cake. Weeds, grass and rocks are all edible as well.

Wedding and Quinceanera Cakes

Stunning Quince

Each tier is a different flavor, all covered in fondant with some textures. Some tiers are seperated and adorned with beautiful fresh flowers.

Square is Beautiful

Square tiers are covered in vanilla buttercream. We seperated the tiers and filled it in with beautiful flowers.

Elegantly Said

Elegant all vanilla cake covered with vanilla buttercream and adorned with fresh flowers.

Blue Beauty

Blue is a beautiful color on this all buttercream covered cake. Flowers are airbrushed for a deep coordinating color scheme.

Tall and Elegant

This 6 tier wedding cake is covered with fondant and then drapped with fondnat details and large fresh roses on the sides.

White on White

White on white is so elegant. Covered in fondant with fondant ruffles on 2 of the tiers.

Catered Dessert Tables

We custom design dessert tables for any occasion or event. We take your theme and your chosen desserts and create a custom decadent dessert table.

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Some of our work

Elegant or Rustic

This dessert table has a more rustic feel to it. We custom designed each sweet with rustic in mind.

Rustic or Elegant

We custom design desserts for any table or theme. This one has some fun treats everyone loves.

Perfect portion sizes

We love individual small portions for dessert tables. We custom design each dessert to complement the dessert and the theme.

American Ninja Warrior

Amerian Ninja Warrior dessert table. Hanging cake pops, team cookies, twizzler course, brownie step climb, oreo obstacles, and other fun obstable sweets.

  • Say it with a Heart Smashette

  • Heart that is made of candy and then filled with fun candy. Add a customized note inside optional.
  • Dragon Ball Smashette

  • Fun candy ball filled with fun candy.
  • Poke Ball Smashette

  • Fun candy ball filled with fun candy.

Say it with a Heart Smashette

Heart that is made of candy and then filled with fun candy. Add a customized note inside optional. Smashing Heart time

Dragon Ball Smashette

Fun candy ball filled with fun candy. Get smashing now

Poke Ball Smashette

Fun candy ball filled with fun candy. Start smashing now

Blog posts


- Tiffany Pearson

The only person we buy cakes from. She is dripping talent!!

- Brittany Martinez

Susan was absolutely phenomenal to work with! So friendly and very easy to work with! Not to mention, she is an AMAZING baker and decorator! Her cakes were a hit! I would highly recommend Susan and hope we can work together in the future!

- Lucy Ramos

Absolutely LOVED my cake and cookies. Beautifully made with detail and delicious.

- Tammy Roddy

amazingly beautiful work. I bought my first cake from her and when she opened the box the cake was jaw dropping. just magnificent.

- LaNell Craft

Susan done an awesome job on a Private Birthday Party. Cute cakes... Cookies and cupcakes...and did I say...yummy Turtle Bark

- Lauren Payan

Super delicious cakes! I ordered very last minute and she still made an awesome cake for me