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Marquettes Cake Studio

Our Story

MarQuette's Cake Studio is an upscale studio, which offers unique, sculpted sweets. We serve a variety of specialty items and designs, such as personally-designed wedding cakes, Tipsy Cakes for a fun occasion, personalised cookies, Caquettes, and many other one-of-a-kind, savory sweets. In addition to our unique designs and creations, we take pride in what goes into our product. We use only kosher ingredients to make our magical flavors come to life. We strive to infuse your theme and ideas into our work, so you receive not only a delicious, uniquely-flavored cake, but also a piece of edible art for your specific needs or occasion.

MarQuette's brings the big-city feel to our home community. We pridefully serve many organizations in the Permian Basin, such as the Odessa Police Department, Odessa Chamber of Commerce, and many others. It is truly an honor to work with members of our community, and we aim to provide every customer with an exceptional work of delicious art. We hope to have the opportunity to work with you to create your own designs. Our cake studio's friendly, family-based methods will make you feel at home and a part of our sweet family.

Our Mission

Marquette's Cake Studio believes that every cake should tell a story that represents your occasion or celebration. Rather than just providing an everyday cake, we create custom-designed edible art to bring your events to life. We often use the expression, "Say it with a cake!" because we aspire to design cakes specifically for your needs. We love to encourage our customers' creativity and take the time to consult with every customer to meet their needs.

We depend on your stories and vision to help inspire our artist in the creation of your custom cake, in hopes that our creation captivates your ideas and has your own personalized touch, which perfectly compliments your event.

Our Promise

While some people have experienced unfortunate incidents when it comes to custom-designed cakes, we make it our goal to ensure quality customer service.

Marquette's Cake Studio makes every effort to create a visually-captivating, moist, decadent, and delicious cake. In addition, we make it a priority to have your cake ready for your event, whether it is being picked up or delivered.

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